And Now I’m Back… From Outer Space

It’s been about a year before my failed cleanse, and I have gone through a lot since then.  I am currently training to be a yoga teacher. I have given up gluten. Basically… I’m a changed woman.

And now I have decided it is time to break out the old blog and try to fall in love with running again. This time, with a bit more of a focus on yoga. This journey will pick up with a 28-Day Yoga Practice. I have found some pretty awesome videos on Youtube, and I am planning on doing a practice ever day for the next month (well, 28 days).

I am currently teaching yoga two days a week (Monday and Thursday) after school. I take an actual yoga class Wednesday night. This leaves Tuesday, Friday, and the weekend for running.  I always run better when I have a race in mind so I will be training for The Florida Run ( in November.

To keep accountable, I will be doing AT LEAST weekly updates on the blog. And there might even be pictures!!

More to come, so stay tuned.




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