The Second Day

I had a plan to do my healthy habits all over again today. That plan failed when I woke up and immediately started checking all the apps on my phone… old habits die-hard. Therefore, I will see if I feel any different today based on doing things the way I usually do them. It should be noted that while I got an extra 30 minutes of sleep, my evening was split up. I came home and fell asleep for a few hours, got up and had dinner, and then tried to go back to sleep. This was an ordeal that ended up taking around two hours.

Today is the second day of the seminar, and since I’ve already taken this seminar I know what to expect. Today will actually be a pretty active day (especially compared to yesterday). I just hope I get an entertaining table.

*** Next Day Update ***

There isn’t much to say about yesterday. I did prefer waking up early and following a routine, as it seemed to help with my stress level. I tend to clash with certain personalities when I don’t get enough sleep, and I felt a small amount of that yesterday. However, the day was still pretty decent. I feel like I learned more than I did the first time I took this seminar, and I was able to offer advice to others (which is always a good feeling).

Today is the last day of the seminar, and we are supposed to learn about curriculum. I am not sure how awake I should plan to be, but I have done a bit of a combo this morning. I didn’t look at screens for the first thirty minutes of the morning. I had my breakfast while listening to my Bible plan. I still have not perfected the mug pancake recipe, but I at least had some bananas this morning to include in the recipe. My next update will most likely be when I get into my classroom either on Thursday or sometime next week.

Speaking of my classroom, I currently have a GoFundMe fundraiser going on to raise funds for my classroom. As it will be my first full year teaching, I do not have a lot of supplies that I can call my own.  If you would take the time to donate, or even to share the link with friends, it would be greatly appreciated. Every little bit helps. Donate Here.



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