Everyone Has A Different Brave

What do you think of when you think of someone who is brave?

For most, the first people who come to mind are soldiers or service workers (and for good reason). These people spend their time keeping us safe. Not only is that brave, that is something that we should be really grateful for. Putting all the political and social issues that consistently surround these jobs, these men and women are why I feel safe at night.

Now, think of the last time you did something you consider brave.

For the vast majority, running into a burning building to save a family pet will not come to mind. Very few of us will ever know the feeling of lifting a car off of someone who you might not even know. Some people consider having the courage to get up and go to work every day is an act of bravery that they must face every day. Others may find bravery in a child that stands up to the classroom bully. Some may find bravery in applying for the new job in a new town where you don’t know anyone.

The most important thing to take from this is that everyone has a different brave. One person’s bravery does not take away from anyone else’s bravery. The bravery I find in my friend getting out of bed every day does not take away from the bravery I find in my other friend who is fighting for our freedom overseas. The bravery that the media finds in one woman discovering herself does not take away from the firefighters and police who keep us safe every day and night.

Bravery is not a competition. Bravery is a personal journey that maps out a different road for every one. The sooner we start to accept this, the sooner that we can accept and appreciate all the bravery that exists in this world.


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